Go to http://sportsnationhd.tv/payments/signup
It should be instant after you subscribe. If you have an issue please go to http://sportsnationhd.tv/payments/member/payment-history to make sure your payment went through ok and if it did please contact a member of the team by using one of the methods shown on this page http://sportsnationhd.tv/payments/member
This could be for a number of reasons:
You can follow this video tutorial which will guide you step by step on how to install Kodi and the Sports Mania addon to your Kodi setup.

You can follow this video tutorial which will guide you step by step on how to install Kodi and the Sports Mania addon to your Kodi setup.

The main reason for this is because sometimes Safari sometimes has issues with flash so we recommend you use Google Chrome or Dolphin Browser for iOS devices or simply use our iOS app by following this guide: http://sportsnationhd.tv/payments/page/newiosapp
Facebook and live chat on the site would be the quickest way to get a response to an issue, also twitter for updates and information about the service, You can go here to see a full list of ways to communicate with us: http://sportsnationhd.tv/payments/member
We use the well known and very popular payment processor called Stripe, It's safe and secure and can be found with a little google search http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Stripe
We try to cover as much as possible, We have all 3pm Football games, Most Football is covered, We cover Rugby, Golf, Tennis, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, Wrestling and much more.
We recommend you use Kodi as that has a few more extra features than the rest of the platforms like the site etc. We do recommend that if you have any issues with Kodi then you use the Maintenance tools in the addon to help you with your issues such as running the speed test, turning hardware acceleration off if your device isn't powerful enough.
This could be for the following reasons
  • You are trying to watch more than one stream at once - If you are watching on more than once device our system is designed to kick out of one stream when trying to watch another, So for example if you have two tabs open and you have 2 separate games on after 2 minutes your stream will cut out.

  • Someone is trying to watch using your account - Your account details are perfectly safe with us however some users let there friends and family use their accounts so if that happens and they are watching the same time as you are then you will get kicked out of your stream.

  • Your browser / flash player may need updating - We recommend using Chrome / Firefox for Windows users and Chrome / Dolphin Browsers for iOS (or use our app) always check your browser and flash player is up to date

Go to http://sportsnationhd.tv/payments/login and log in to your account and go to Add/Renew Subscription and there you can renew your subscription.
Go to http://sportsnationhd.tv/payments/login and from there on the right hand side of the page you will see "Lost password?" If you input your email address in there and click "Get password" you will receive your username and a link to reset your password, Please check your inbox and spam/junk folder..
If you are getting buffering on every stream on Kodi then simply go to the maintenance section and run a speed test, Also make sure you are not downloading or uploading any time you stream as this can affect your speed.If you are using the website then please go to http://speedtest.net and run a speed test there or if your using a Android or iOS Device download the Speed Test app from the Play/Apple Store..
You would be shocked by the amount of people that come to us for help and claim that they are getting buffering but shouldn't be as they "get 200mb" and when we advise them to run a speed test the results are no where near the results they were expecting or paid for this is why we encourage everyone to do a speed test..
Yes 100% because if it was our end then everyone would have the same issue, So if you are in our Facebook Support Group or our website chat and you see users saying their stream is fine then the issue lies with something on your end because as stated if the issue was our end then everyone would have the same issue.
It's simple, phone them and ask them, they may deny it but tell them you have seen people who have posted statements that there internet connection is being throttled and are using the same ISP as you.
Firstly Amazon Firesticks aren't the best device for long term live streaming, they are great for watching movies or anything that's reading a file but are not the best for live streaming and if you leave your firestick on for a while after doing so feel the firestick and you will see that it has become very very hot (be careful when you do as it can burn you so use a towel) when it becomes hot they components inside can burn out, a quick solution to stuttering on firesticks is to go to the Maintenance Section of the Kodi addon and turn off hardware acceleration.
If your using Goggle Chrome make sure you do not have the extension called "Hola" or "Zenmate" (which are VPN/Proxies) turned on, If you do disable them as the player won't work with it turned on.
Make sure your on the latest version of the addon, ALWAYS check for updates and always follow these simple tips:

"Sports Mania / SNHD error Check the log for more information"
So if you get this error message please do the following.

On the same connection as your addon (so wifi if your box is connected to the router) go to the site your signed up to:

If the site works (you can connect to the site) but your addon throws up an error simply highlight the addon and hold the "OK" button and addon settings and click "Reset All Settings" as what that does is it wipes the cookie and also user details from the addon and basically lets you start again, Then restart your device and router if your using a build don't worry it will NOT wipe your build, anyway then from there boot up kodi and go back to our addon and input your details.

If you STILL cant get in make sure your sub hasnt run out by going to (depending on what site your signed up to) http://sportsmania.rocks/payments/member/payment-history or http://sportsnationhd.tv/payments/member/payment-history or http://ultimatemania.rocks/payments/member/payment-history and check your sub there.

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